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Looking for a list of Feminist bookstores?

Looking for a listing of women-owned independent feminist, women's, lesbian publishers?

Women's Presses

of independent Feminist, women's, lesbian bookselling and publishing...


Herstory of independent feminist, women's, lesbian bookselling and publishing...

It's so great....more and more young women's studies majors and graduate academics are using the feminist bookselling and publishing movement as topics for papers and research. We so constantly receive requests for interviews it's both wonderful...and time consuming. We encourage you to keep asking us but please be sure to do your reading first. This list is a compilation of published articles and materials. Please refer to this list as you do your reading and research. If you have published or know of an article that is not on this list, please notify Mev Miller (mev @



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Limited copies of this tape are still available. Please send $15.00 to Mev Miller, 182 Riverside Ave. Cranston, RI 02910. This covers postage, handling and a $10 donation to WE LEARN. Contact Mev Miller for more information.

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Seajay, C, editor. Feminist Bookstore News. Feminist Bookstore News (FBN) was published from 1976-2000. It contains a wealth of information and background, discussion and history about feminist bookstores and presses, authors and books.
Several good women's studies libraries as well as university and research libraries have complete collections -- including SF Public Libraries, and several lesbian & gay archives (e.g., the Lesbian Herstory archives).

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